7 one-liners for a great week ahead

Tell me your favourite :)

Hey People,

I want to share 7 of my most-liked one-liners with you today, that are being loved on Twitter and other platforms. Here you go:

  1. It's incredible what your mind does when you weed out the weeds from it.

  2. Don't apply for a position whose JD you don't trust! The culture will reflect exactly that.

  3. More intuition, less validation.

  4. In case no one told you, the need to dominate every conversation or to speak more just because you are powerful will do more harm to you than good.

  5. Introspection leads to external expansion.

  6. "No" has magic in it!

  7. Imagine how heavy it would be to work if you think everyone is conspiring against you. They AREN'T!


That’s it folks!

Have a great great week ahead!

Tell me in the comments or reply to this email to tell me which one was your favourite.

I’ll see you all again on Thursday!
Nishtha Gehija

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