8 one-liners you must NEVER listen to

Yes, never listen to those!

Hey People,

These are some toxic one-liners that might hurt you if you listen to them:

  1. Read less.

  2. Spend more time with us.

  3. Earn less, chill out more.

  4. “X” said you are bad, so that must be true.

  5. You are damn expensive!

  6. Your competitor is charging 50% of what you do.

  7. Don’t ask too many questions

And the deadliest of them all is:

  1. Don’t change! Please!

Friends, some of these may come from people who love you the most, and some from prospective clients.

No mater what they say, change yourself only when you know it is a bad habit.

Don’t change yourself just because someone else has asked you to.

Change out of inner reflection, don’t change out of external pressure.

Isn’t this is what you are looking for?

That said, have a wonderful week ahead!

See you soon with a thoughtful Thursday :)

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