A true (heartbreak) story

Dil diyaan gallan...

Hey Peops!

Today is Thursday cum story day, and I want to share a story with you from my own life.

Back in 2010, I fell in love with someone I thought used to love me back.

Lol,” replied life.

You think he loves you, lemme show you the truth!

“No, no, he can’t do it! It is not possible,” I kept repeating to myself.

I used to ignore what he used to do.
I used to ignore what he used to say.
More than anything else, I used to ignore what I used to feel.

And when you’ve spent some time knowing someone, you know that feeling never lies.

But, I was a mad fool at the time, so I allowed myself to be played upon.

Only to fall into a similar (yet magnified version of pain) relationship in 2016.

Thankfully, it ended. That is the best thing I’ve ever ended in my life.

But, there come a few lessons that were the same in both of those relationships. And because I didn’t learn them in the first time, a bigger and a worse one had to happen for me to have that face-palm experience.

These lessons not only apply to our relationships with partners, rather with everyone.

So, here are the lessons:

  1. If you think it’s a NO, it’s a NO.
    Don’t say YES thinking what will they think. Because if they had the brains and understanding, they will understand.

  2. No one can “complete” you.
    You are complete just as you are. And people often bring load of their previous relationship into the current one. I did. These two men did. And that’s where we go wrong.
    That’s where we need to love and nurture our relationship with the one in the mirror that we are the giver of love and happiness.
    Once we do, it will flow to us. (Don’t worry, I addressed your question in the last line. Didn’t I? :D)

  3. Baaki ab kya hi bolu…ye do lesson samajh aa gaye to teesre ki darkaar nahi. Par if you really want to read the third lesson - here it is - Try getting out of the cobweb of relationships and try living by yourself. It doesn’t mean abandoning your friends or family.

    Instead of waiting for a relationship and develop the relationship with yourself.
    Instead of waiting for someone to chat with, be your own therapist on a piece of paper every night.
    Instead of expecting someone to accompany you to the restaurants or clubs, try living in your own home and not wanting to go anywhere.

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    This is not a life advice, rather an experimentation advice. And if you love it, why not make it a lifetime choice? WFH was also impossible until March 2020. Now everyone does it.

    Impossible is generally the untried.
    - Robin Sharma

Everything, everything we see is going to come to an end. Why not live the “during” instead of wait for someone and then fight with that very person forever?

Anyway, that was my rant and my lessons.

But more than anything else, these were my awakenings.

Every gift looks like a storm unless it is unwrapped.

And these were the gifts from my storm, to help you not go in the direction of the same storm :) Hope they helped!

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Till the coming Monday, cya folks!

Thank you so much for reading this far. Means a lot:)