A virtual home tour

The old one...

Hey People,

I want to share a news with you all.

Our old home got demolished yesterday. We had sold it off in March 2020, however, yesterday the thing called “our old home” came to an end.

Nothing to feel bad about, just life. Sometimes we leave our old home after death, sometimes while being alive.

We are all good. Better make memories with people than things :)

On that note, lemme take you on a virtual home tour of our old home, and let’s revisit some memories.

The first room used to be the drawing room, which I later converted into my study room. Thus, sofa was removed, replacing it with my study table and a settee. I used to sleep there as well. Outside that room was a sort of verandah - where we used to park both of our two-wheelers.

The room next to it was our living room, also called “beech waala kamra”. It had the TV, the big almirah (containing Maa Papa’s clothes), the sofa (moved from my study room) and another settee. It also had a huge window.

The last room was Mummy Papa’s room, along with containing my book shelf as well as almirah.

Along the sides of these two rooms and next to them was another verandah (continued from the parking lot), that had a lot of walking space, coolers, a granite slab for sitting (under which was our shoe rack), and the last strip of home was the kitchen and the store room. The store was then separated by a smaller strip of verandah, that led to the wash room.

Cute, cosy and our old home.

Gone. Some day we all will as well go away. What will be left behind is memories. Let’s make sure we make them right :)

Here are some of the pictures of that abode.

Is there a time that you used to be attached to something that is gone now, for the better? I know I used to be.

I’d like to know your stories as well. Let me know in the comments or simply reply to this email. We are all, after all, bound by the same threads!

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Thank you, for everything!

See you on Monday