"Doing" is dangerous

More dangerous than you think!

Hey People!

I have come across some weird instances off-late.

People are focussed on “doing” so much.

They just want get things “done”.

However, in the process, they:
- think others are idiots and only they are good
- think without them things cannot function at all
- they believe that all the pain in the world is bestowed on them.

In hindsight, the people who believe so are really, really nice people. They have the best intentions.

Here’s what is actually missing (in all instances):

  • Not devoting enough time to learning (videos and books, thinking that is for vella people)

  • Not spending time with themselves alone, thinking they don’t have the time for it.

  • Not accepting the fact that everyone is doing the best they can, seeing the best in them and being the real leader by getting things done with love!

We all have our moments of misery.
We all have our moments of feeling alone despite being surrounded by well-intentioned people.
We all sometimes have to deal with a lot.

However, if it is a regular feature, as difficult as it may sound, something within us needs to change. And that is the reason some people look 20 in their 40’s and some look 35 in their 20’s.

We need to stop “doing” and make time to think, plan our activities, make time to be free and spend time alone; and most importantly, always be learning.

If we are not nurturing ourselves this way, we are declining each day.

Will you take time for yourself and stop fitting in?

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My deepest wish for you, is that you always look 20!

Lol (Loads of love)

See you again this Monday with another set of one liners you’ve all been enjoying a lot :)