Five lessons from the meditation retreat

Hey People,

I was on a meditation retreat last week, and after several meditation retreats so far, this one was undeniably the best of all.

Why you ask?

For several reasons:

  1. I learnt how to spend time with myself. Practising it here back home as well. The best part? It takes less effort in work.

  2. When we are fulfilled, we eat less. Which means, a lot of fat burn :)

  3. Nothing will save us other than meditation. It is what we think that who we become.

  4. Everywhere there are people who will bring you down unconsciously. Saving yourself from them isn’t important, it is priceless.

  5. No matter where you go, one thing will always work: Your thoughts. When you understand the effect of this, life becomes magical.

There are way more lessons that I am putting down on my daily blog these days, however, for now you may see these pictures and enjoy :)

View from my room

Even waiting room is so lavish

View from the garden where we used to do group workouts. (Yes, for emotional health, physical health is equally important.)

This is how the campus looks like

Another view of the magnificent campus.

And, if everything is so grand, how can the stage not be so good? And yes, we followed social distancing norms by leaving one gap in each chair.

Among other things:

  • Since the campus is too big, there used to be SUPER CLEAN public urinals at various spots in the campus.

  • The time spent in meditation room alone was bliss.

  • 8K steps daily was the staple.

  • Rooms are cleaned daily - just like in hotels. And for sheets, they are replaced in 2-3 days :)

  • There IS a blanket, you don’t have to carry one. And if you need more, you can always ask for it.

  • We don’t sleep on the floors. There are beds and there are mattresses on those beds :)

  • There are cupboards as well.

  • Since we had our meditation begin at 3 am daily, milk, tea and coffee are available from 2:30 am to 10:30 pm daily.

  • Along with three meals, the evening snack usually comprises of bhel puri or bread (prepared in their kitchen - nothing cooked / baked from outside is used there.)

  • Every meal is first offered as an offering to God (bhog), and then that energy-rich meal is what we are served with.

  • Btw, did I tell you, in every residential quarter, there is a water cooler so we don’t have to walk up to the kitchen to fill water :)

  • Second last of all, all this is free. It just requires your commitment to help yourself.

  • Last of all, you NEVER feel tired there :)

And, we’ll close with a pic of a meal and the view from there:

Hope This is What YOU Are Looking For

Till next Thursday,
See you :)