Five things NOT to say to women

It applies to men and women...

Hey Ladies (and the Gentlemen who love those ladies),

There is a lot that today’s woman has to go through.
However, there are some things that must never be said to women.

If you are a woman reading this, take this as a red flag.
If you are a man reading this, please refrain from saying this.
Applies to all relationships, professional and personal:

  1. You are not like other women:
    Expresses disdain for women at large, but you are taken as an exception.
    Not a good one!

  2. On ranking:
    It is strange that women have to ask for what they deserve at work (after finishing up work before deadlines), men if they just get their work with delay of two days, they are deemed as angels.
    Maybe we create an equal worforce, however, we may still have to create an equal mindset.

  3. Why are you angry?
    She isn’t angry bro, she is just assertive. It is the society (that includes men and women) that has touted the women to only be soft and warm. No, that isn’t how world works. This statement of “why are you angry” is a reflection of your inner state of not being able to take the assertive truth.

  4. Will you please help me?
    If you are asking for her services of work to be offered to you for free just because she is a “calm, composed, mature woman”, please don’t. She respects herself and you, however, the latter might seem difficult once you ask for her services for free.

  5. Too busy these days?
    Of course it is great for her to be busy. The best relationships are made when everyone respects the busyness of others and still live by it, because there is mutual respect.

Okay, to bring things home, I am not an utter feminist. As a matter of fact, these things are spoken by women almost as equally as men.

That is why men have communities because they don’t say bad words about a fellow gender. Such communities are rare in women, which needs to go up.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you want to be respected by someone forever, you now know what NOT to do!

That is all from my side today, consider sharing it if you agree with what we spoke.


Also, don’t forget to know what you are looking for!

Have a great week ahead!
See you this Thursday with another story,
Keep rocking!