Getting over crumbling mood

How was your Diwali weekend folks?

The weekend that went came with a lot of lessons.

But today I’m in no mood to write about pain (will do it some day, because we all connect more at a level of pain), however, for today here are some of the cute little small mood uplifting things of life:

  1. Stare blank out of the window: Even if it is not with a “view”, just do it.
    (With me writing “just do it” did you also have the image of Kamla Harris wearing Nike sweatshirt and saying, “We did it Joe, we did it!” :D? Batao batao, tell me in the comments

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  2. No phone: If it had to make you happy, it would have done by now.

  3. Play: Play a soft meditation commentary and take a nap.

  4. Play: Do some jumping jacks bro!

  5. I tried this today only, despite it has been written hajaar baar: Take a deep breath. It does does work!

Bonus #6: Talk with a good friend. Not the one whom you think is your friend, rather a real good friend :)

Bonus #7: You’re loved. Never forget that Bro!

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See you all the coming Thursday with a story, till then, stay happy peops! (Dukhi rehkar kiska bhala hua hai?)