How bad do you want it?

Really bad?

Hey Friends!

There are two ways to live life:

  1. Listen to everyone.

  2. Be like everyone.

  3. Get validation from everyone.

  4. Make sure they talk nothing bad about you to anyone.

  5. And most importantly, lose the one who is most important: You

There is another way as well:

Do the right thing.
Don’t care for what others think.
Don’t hurt them either (People creating unnecessary drama isn’t hurt.)
Keep up the karma.
And remember, that you will be alone most of the times, other than when you get awards. Misery loves company.

And on parting note, here’s something really important to you:

How badly do you want to live the life that you want to live?
And how badly other people are jealous of you? Not your colleague, not your neighbours, rather people even closer?
And if you really love them, how will you ever be able to love them without showing up for yourself first?

It’s difficult. It’s lonely. And you’ll have just ONE reason to continue. Continue for that one reason.

Don’t be a template.

The world needs you.

Stop Fitting In