We don't "need" love


Start from the basics.
Love for food.
Love for our room.
Love for that tee.
Love for that pastry with cold coffee.

To a few deeper ones.
Loving the nature walks.
Loving the sunrise and sunsets.
Loving our daily rituals.

To what really matters.
Loving our family despite their flaws.
Loving our colleagues despite their mistakes.
Loving every human being just because it is right to love.

Love is the hemoglobin that keeps us vibrant and energetic.
Without love, we all would just be machines.

Then why do we have anger towards the people we love the most?

Because we are taught to.

Think of a kid you know.
They don’t get upset like you.
They don’t lose their temper on others doing merciless things.
They don’t get frustrated on politics being played against them.

And if you’d go to them with the problems you’re facing, you’ll get the best possible solutions ever.

It might seem huge, considering the problems that you are facing are REALLY HUGE and not just getting solved with “trivial-child-like-love.”

If you feel so, when was the last time we solved a small problem with the child-like fantasy?

Not something we could remember, right?

Don’t take it personally friends, all that is written on this newsletter applies to me as much as it does to you. However, the big things in our lives are an exact reflection of the small things.

If you are unable to find solutions to big things in life, start with small things.
Over time and as it becomes a habit of yours, solving life problems with love and happiness of a kid would come naturally.

But please don’t blame those with lack of love for your own lack of love.

No one lacks love.

People have just forgotten that we have it all, and we keep searching for it who have also forgotten it.

You, are the right place to begin with, my friend! (Share on Twitter)


Thank you for lovingly reading this post
Wish you all the love in the Universe

Have a great day and a great first (official) weekend of 2021.

Till then,

Nishtha Gehija

Stop Fitting In