Party People, Party Lessons

Looking for lessons in a party

Hey People,

I want to share a few lessons about a team party we had last weekend.

It was such fun party.
Catching up with old team mates.
Meeting after almost 9 months of Covid.
Driving and vlogging with colleagues.
And loving the old lost Delhi traffic! (Yes I love Delhi <3)

Had lots of fun. If you would want to see some fun pictures, do reply to this email. I’ll share ‘em:)

But, for now, here are the reflections after that party:

  1. The real party is in the hard work. Everything else is a thin slice of a huuugeee giant pie.

  2. What we see in the party is how we have been working. Things don’t change, they are just reflected.

  3. This one is big: I wish I listened more. Will take care in the next party.

  4. This one is superbig: I wish I ate less. Started taking care now onward only lol

  5. Also, wear a mask wherever you go. I hate to admit it, but if this could give some lessons to you, it would be great: Me and two of my team mates were raised a fine of INR 500 each for taking off our masks in the middle of Connaught Place, New Delhi in the middle of a pandemic. For a fotu session!
    Of course, who likes paying a fine, yet the lesson was powerful: Wear your mask! And don’t forget it.

Those were a few lessons from the fun party we had, and I will really look forward to working on 3 and 4.

What do you think I should be working more on?

Let me know in the reply! :)

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I want the eBook!

That’s it for Monday, peops! See you on Thursday with an interesting story I am so waiting to share with you all :)

Bye! Stay safe.

And wear your mask:)