The least spoken of thing in 2020

And this is what we needed the most...

Okay, I know by now you have read a lot that 2020 was a whirlwind of a year.

However, there is one thing that you haven’t read about 2020, is this:

That this year brought us closest to our emotions.

We felt sad, lonely or even out of our schedules. And what came from within was the most unexpected.

Deep buried anger.
Past pain.

If you keep your emotions locked in a box, then when you want to open it one day, you’ll find that they’re gone. - MD Arnold

Does that mean you should be angry when you have that emotion, despite knowing anger is bad for you? Does the same apply to anxiety, hurt, fear and jealousy?

This is how it works:

Imagine there is a ten year old around you. Could be a nephew or a niece you love dearly. They have just come back from the park after playing with their friends and are filled with rage.

How would you act then?

You will listen to the kid.
You will listen patiently.
You will not judge her for getting angry.
Nor will you nudge her to get more angry.
You will have empathy.
You will understand.
You won’t blame the other kids either.
You’ll accept that other kids might have had their reasons as well.
You will offer a suggestion after all this.

Can we do that to ourselves?

Can we understand our emotions and accept them instead of either burying them or letting them rise exponentially even when we know they aren’t healthy?

Do we have that power? (Of course we have, if we can cajole someone else into changing their negative emotions, we can do miracles with ourselves.)

All we need, is five minutes for that self-talk after the emotions arise.
Which is a very small time considering the hours of anger that lasts after that one jolt.

Will you take this with yourself to 2021?

If we won’t, perhaps we may create bigger fears for ourselves as we may never know if future comes with more challenges along with possibilities.

Take this, for yourself.  Please :)

And share this with someone who needs to read this today.

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See you on 04th Jan, 2021!

Till then, Happy New Year folks, stay home, stay safe, and remember you are the light you’re looking for :)