When I lost a high-paying client

And why I was happy after that...

Hey People,

Today I want to share a real life story of a significant loss.

Two months back, I had lost a high-paying client.
Though there was a good lot of other work from other clients as well, this loss did affect me - at least emotionally.

So one morning at around 8:45 am, I was sitting in my room and pondering, when I saw my father. He was being his normal self, making the wick for the diya, and lighting it up with ease and gratitude.

And that moment - in a moment of nothingness, something happened.
I don’t know what, but something just hit me!

My father is running a business for 40+ years, has built homes and shops for his brothers and nephews, has gotten three of his daughters married, and here he was - being relaxed and present in the moment.

And here I was, being a solopreneur for just six months, and feeling lousy on losing a client - let alone the fact that I was rid of the emotional burden of having them on board :)

Here’s what I reflected on finally:

  • Clients may come, clients may go, but I go on, forever.

  • Problems aren’t solved by pondering over them, rather looking within what could have avoided the problem and deciding not to make the same mistake again.

  • The most important wins in life are when we show up and do the work, even when no one is watching us. In his career of 4+ decades, would my father not have faced ups and downs? Of course, he would have! However, here he was - showing up daily, and what he has today is this - that what I made from that high paying client in a month, is what my father makes in a day, if the business is on a lower trend that day.

    With time, good things come. Thank you Papaji, for showing that to me without saying a word - just by being You :)

So, about an update of my work with clients: Things are, of course, better now. I’ve realised the mistakes I made in that professional relationship, and also, have been careful to not to repeat those in the upcoming assignments :) (as there were a lott of chances for me to do ‘em)

Overall, I’m glad that I lost the client!

Otherwise I would have kept making the same mistakes with other clients as well, thereby, building myself up for bigger failure.

Have you also felt glad the same way, after a failure?
What were your reflections?
Simply reply to this email or let me know here:

I’ll love to hear your story…

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That’s it folks!

See you on Monday with a list of good things (or good-ies:D)

Till then, rock your remaining 2020 and remind yourself how powerful you are:)
And thank you, for your valuable time. It means a lot to me…

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